1. Homo Angelicus
  2. Treasures from Hell
  3. Movement of the Triangle
  4. Kyp Malone
  5. Agatha Blois
  6. NADA 2023
  7. Vapours of Delphi
  8. Frankie’s Clown House 
  9. Moon Status
  10. Friends
  11. HS Publishing
  12. Ass Favors
  13. Witch Hotline

Treasures from HellApr 14-May 21, 2023

A descent into the underworld is a theme found in the diverse religions of our world. The nature of these quests can range from rescuing a loved one to obtaining knowledge or secret revelations. The artists chosen for this show depict a myriad view of such explorations, as well as their personal connections to the gallery.

Frank: Many artists, including Michelangelo, were inspired by Martin Schongauer’s 15th century etching The Temptation of Saint Anthony. The etching depicts the ascetic monk Saint Anthony levitating in the air. Surrounding him is a gang of animal-like, grotesque demons, seemingly tormenting the saint. This etching is one of many demonic depictions taken from a source outside of the bible. Yet it’s influence serves as one of many sources whereby people define the demonic.

I’ve always seen this etching as a depiction of group therapy, a powerful trial whereby Saint Anthony was made stronger, having gone through it. During a solo trip on LSD, inside the purple room, I had strong vision of descending into the underworld. While in Hell, I engaged & sparred with many forces, knowing they were present not to destroy me, but rather to strengthen me. I remember departing hell, taking one last stroll around the ring, saluting all those that took the time to teach me through trial. Friends with the darkness.

On a recent night around the winter solstice, I was laying alone in bed. I could hear the slow rumble of hundreds of cars passing by on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway. I felt more alone and depressed than I had precedent for. I could easily see why people want an exit door from this life. I thought about friends who had experienced trauma more potent than mine. I wondered how they could continue to exist. I promised myself long ago to never willingly exit this life. Life takes many beautiful and unexpected turns. I don’t want to leave it abruptly. Life is a continually unfolding gift. 
A motto emerged upon moving to NYC: stay alive – see what happens. It is possible to transmute pain to reshape us for the better. The Cauldron.