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Kyp Malone
Dream ArticulationsSeptember 24, 2023-October 15, 2023
129 Eldridge St, NYC

Snow Gallery is pleased to announce its first solo show with the multimedia artist Kyp Malone. The show is titled Dream Articulations and will present around 15 framed works on paper. This is Kyp’s first solo exhibition at an art gallery.

Kyp is largely known for his musical contributions which include scoring, production and bands like TV on the Radio, Rain Machine and Ice Balloons. In addition to this, Kyp has maintained a painting practice since childhood.

A paracosm is a detailed imaginary world thought generally to originate in childhood. Kyp’s paintings reveal a deeply personal cosmology depicting our existence in a populated universe. Much of this world lies beyond our common senses yet it can be argued that soul has a deep memory.

Kyp has described these paintings as “redecorating the architecture from cult indoctrinations”. Having been brought up with the Jehovah Witness (for which he sometimes delivered public sermons) Kyp’s early life and cosmology was informed by the teachings of the church. As he grew into adulthood, Kyp’s path led him away from the church and its teachings. New guides appeared in his life which broadened his view.

Kyp’s relationship with the gallery began with our inaugural group exhibition, Homo Angelicus, which explored the idea of human/angelic relations. Our friendship with Kyp was strengthened as a result of this show and we are happy to have him as a good friend and peer.
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