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HER BLACK WINGSMon Jul 19 2022
 In 1989 Agatha opened her store New York City Custom Leather on 9th street and Avenue A. Two years later she moved the store to Ludlow and Houston. Her store remained open until 2001 when she relocated to Los Angeles. 

 After a chance meeting with Axl Rose in a Brooklyn elevator, Agatha went on to construct leather pieces for Axl, Slash, Rob Halford, Steven Tyler, Billy Idol and many other musicians. Outlaw Biker ran a spread on Agatha called “Adventures in the Skin Trade” in the 90’s. This article increased demand for Agatha’s custom work and she made vests for many Hell’s Angels. 

 Local NYC legend Jimmy Webb (Trash and Vaudeville) only wore Agatha’s pants. The two friends had a strong collaboration up until Webb’s passing in 2020. 

 Immediately upon landing in LA, Agatha began making many iconic pieces for Britney Spears.  She created the low rise look that appeared in Britney’s Slave 4 U video. Spears was utilizing Agatha’s waistline motto of lower and tighter. It can be argued that Agatha’s work influenced the low waist jeans so predominant in the 90s. 

 In Los Angeles, Agatha became a much sought after leather queen extraordinaire. She went on to make signature pieces for Sheryl Crow, Christina Aguilera, Mickey Rourke, Karl Lagerfeld, Gina Gershon, Kat Von D, Rihanna and many others. 

 Agatha is currently based in Joshua Tree. Her home is a consistently evolving work of immersive art. Filled with wall paintings, leather artifacts, music memorabilia, paintings from Wino (St Vitus), her home is a dark refuge from the desert sun. 

 Agatha has been painting since childhood. Her paintings will add to the immersive installation she will create in the gallery.  

 In addition to her leather work and visual art, Agatha has a line of scents and candles called Carnival Wax. 

A 108 page full color catalog will accompany this exhibition. Titled Agatha Blois: Her Black Wings, this book is a chronicle of Agatha's life and work. Designed by Caroline and Frank, this catalog also contains a recent interview.