1. Homo Angelicus
  2. Treasures from Hell
  3. Movement of the Triangle
  4. Kyp Malone
  5. Agatha Blois
  6. NADA 2023
  7. Vapours of Delphi
  8. Frankie’s Clown House 
  9. Moon Status
  10. Friends
  11. HS Publishing
  12. Ass Favors
  13. Witch Hotline

Movement of the Triangle

June 03, 2024 - July 29th, 2024

Movement of the Triangle is the third exhibition at Snow Gallery as well as the third in a series. Taking its title from Kandinsky’s Concerning the Spiritual in Art, this show brings together 19 healers, artists, & magicians (ages 15 to infinity) who are paving a way forward, helping carry a torch through the darkness. This exhibition explores many familial connections, both blood and intentional, forming an ever-growing constellation of healing. The boundaries between art and life are illusory.

Continuing our tradition of pairing soundtracks with visual work, Zeena Schreck will be debuting her newest record, Transcend, within the gallery. These sounds will be paired with Chip Kolpen’s project Frenemas. This exhibition marks the first time Zeena’s work will be shown alongside her recently deceased godfather, Kenneth Anger.

Frankie: A few months prior to his passing, I had the privilege of sitting next to John Giorno at a dinner at Jane Kaplowitz’s home. I gained much from my brief proximity to his current. His autobiography came out soon after, much of it exploring the rich relationships he experienced through a life in NYC. Following his Buddhist based belief in the transmigration of souls, Giorno felt that many of his relationships had a basis in previous connections in past lives.

I don’t think this is a small world, I think it’s vast and infinite. Yet somehow, we find each other in this life. Something inside us, maybe lying outside of the everyday rational, confirms these connections. I feel like I’ve known many of my friends for thousands of years, this current shared incarnation being another humorous absurd dream.